Garage Doors in Belfast

Welcome to Lochside Garages – where we specialise in garage doors repair and installation in Belfast.

If you"re looking for a new garage door, we"re here to help. Use the contact form below to give us the details of the garage door you are interested in and we will advise you on the best solution. Simply call us or get in touch:

Garage Door installation in Belfast

Our team of experienced installers are here to give you the peace of mind that you will get your perfect door installed with the lease amount of hassle possible. Once we have spoken to you over the phone to confirm your booking, one of our members of staff will be there to measure your garage and show you the types of door most suited to your needs. They will also be ale to give you a full price quote once the specification ahs been completed.

When you door has been ordered a date will be set for installation. On that day the installation should not take longer than a few hours to minimise any inconvenience to you.

Types of Garage Door

One Piece Canopy – this is a classic design, with a single piece of material lifting into the roof of your garage when opening. Coming in a great range of sizes and styles this is a great choice for a simple yet functional garage door.

Roller Shutter – saving space compared to the one piece, roller shutter doors ore often aluminium and retract up and down, wrapping around a cylindrical barrel. Most roller garage doors are automatic and motorised due to their weight, this is the most space effective solution available.

Around the corner – these were some of the most popular designs in the past, du to their ease of use and space saving capabilities. Round the corner garage door can be produced out of timber or steel depending on the manufacturer.

Side Hinge – allowing you to open your garage down a centre opening, or alternatively an opening 1/3 or 2/3 into the door, this is a great option that has been increasing in popularity in recent years. There"s a fantastic selection of colours and materials to choose from to create a very stylish look.


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